Let’s try it over here now

Hi, I’m Erik, aka Dawnpiper.

I’m still not sure I have the temperament to be a blogger, but recently I’ve been thinking that I have more to say than I initially thought I did; I’m not sure why I never really took off with the Dawnpiper LJ site – I think maybe it lacks focus. On this blog I hope/intend to be more focused on matters religious, with some room for occasional digression (such as this introductory post ;) ).

For those who didn’t get it instantly, the name of this blog is an Eddie Izzard reference – Izzard is a brilliant British comedian (and advocate of “total clothing freedom”) who has described himself as an “executive transvestite”, to differentiate himself from the “f***ing weirdo transvestites”. My purpose in using this title is basically the same – there is a lot of what I bluntly consider to be nonsense published in the name of paganism, and I want to be among the reasonable and ecumenical voices balancing the worst of that.

I hope that this blog will become a place where people of all faiths can come to find good resources for and about pagan religions, and discuss the issues that are important to me… ;) …but right now it’s late, so I’ll sign off with my first resource – the ever-invaluable Theoi.com. This site is the brainchild of classicist Aaron Atsma, and is rapidly developing into the first place to go on the Web for solid, reliable information about any aspect of Classical mythology and religion, with a heavy emphasis on original source material, both written and visual.


8 thoughts on “Let’s try it over here now

  1. Kay

    I’m so glad you’re doing this. With your wonderful (and very well written) comments all over blogdom, I thought to myself “Erik really should blog!”

  2. Jessi

    Wonderful to see you have a blog. I already love reading your posts on the Hellenic lists, now I get to read even more. I hope you find that you are a blogger–it’s not that hard :-D

  3. Marc

    Read a few post. Very well written.

    Have been researching paganism lately and came to you site through A Pagan Sojourner. Used to be an evangelical but it wasn’t working for me. Time to rethink. Thanks for blogging.

  4. executivepagan Post author

    Hi Marc,
    Thanks for stopping by! There is a wide wide WIDE variety of religions and beliefs that fall under the pagan “umbrella”, as I’m sure you’re discovering. The best advice I can give you right now is to read as much as possible, but be careful about taking *everything* you read as gospel (please pardon the expression :) ).

    Also, a question – is it Christianity that didn’t work for you, or just evangelicalism? I ask because there can be a world of difference between that and more liberal Christianities such as the Episcopalians, UCC or Unity…

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