Trying to keep the fire stoked…

… while I try to find the time to write the big posts (life is catching up to me at the moment). Right now, it looks like “Why Hellenism” will actually be a 4-part series: “Why Polytheism”, “Why Hellenism”, “Why Druidry” and “How the heck do you fit those two together?!?”.

In the meantime, here are some recent posts that have me thinking/inspired:

* Sannion posted a bunch of visual and musical links in honor of Dionysos and Hermes; I really like the concept, particularly the “YouTube mix” idea. Don’t be surprised if something like that surfaces here some time.

* Cat Chapin-Bishop is Blogging in a Spirit of Worship – the title of this post speaks so clearly to what I hope to accomplish here, and was one of the catalysts that actually prompted me to get off my tuchas and start this blog (the other primary motivator was seeing the deep work that’s being done in the Heathen blogs – vide particularly Bernulf and Robin Artisson – and aspiring to do the same from the Hellenic perspective).

* Jeff Lilly’s Why I Blog post at Druid Journal. I laid out some of the reasons I blog in my very first post, but after this I’m thinking more about the underlying reasons *why* I post – and what that may mean for *what* I post.

(Also be sure to check out the “Storyboarding the Tarot” guest post from Eric Roberson of Shift Your Spirits, and Jeff’s experience with his technique – this is a genuinely original and intriguing way to do readings.)

* And finally, Sara Winn put up a good thought-starter at GospelPagan on why a pagan might be called to plain living. Our family is trying to downsize, in little dribs and drabs, here and there, now and then – but more out of general impulses than specifically religious ones. Perhaps if I could clearly identify the religious aspects of this motivation, I might get more… motivated. :)


One thought on “Trying to keep the fire stoked…

  1. Anonymous

    This is a subject that is so close to my heart. I have spent years trying to declutter. I like the Flylady philosophy of flinging “junk” to the universe to bless others who need it. It made me feel really good when I was able to fling a bed frame to your house last year. I find when I fling, I get something in return when I have a real need, but not necessarily from the same person. (The universe in overall balance.)

    I do not think I could ever get off the gird. But I do try to use what we have wisely. My kids are always hearing, “Shut the door.”

    I am enjoying your blog.


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