Too much good stuff going on!

I was going to do thought-piece type responses to several current blog posts, but I just don’t have time right now… so let me at least give you the pointers so you can catch all this goodness for yourselves.

Velveteen Rabbi has a nice post called Worship Through Corporeality. This tracks closely to what I’ve privately been calling “embodied spirituality”…

Jeff at DruidJournal is continuing his religion/language exploration with a really thought-provoking post that I don’t have my brain fully wrapped around yet…

and Robin at Cauldron-Born has done it for me twice in a row – The Demands of Ancestral Religion and The Arrow and the Spiral are both highly inspirational.

And, in a stunning reversal :), Cat Chapin-Bishop recently had some very kind words to say about this blog (see this post at QuakerPagan). I am particularly touched by this since she is one of the people who inspired me to start writing in the first place!


3 thoughts on “Too much good stuff going on!

  1. Jeff Lilly

    You’re telling me! I can’t keep up with the keeping up!

    Thanks for the link, Erik; and thanks, too, for your very insightful comment. I’ve got a reply brewing, I’ve just got to attach words to it in the right order. :-)

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