What’cha readin’?

The next post is taking longer than I expected… particularly since I just found out Slade tagged me for his Money meme, and so now I’m thinking about that as well.

So in the interim, I’ll take the cheap way out and ask everybody to tell me about what they’re reading, and why.

I’m seriously reading two books at the moment:

What: The Ode Less Travelled: Unlocking the Poet Within, by Stephen Fry (yes, the actor).

Why: As part of my Druid pathwork, I am trying to expand my Bardic skillset. I’ve been writing poetry for years, but it’s mostly been the kind where the entire piece appears in my head and my only real job is to get it down on paper before the Muse flutters away… I want to develop my poetry muscles and become more conscious and deliberate about my writing, both for myself and as an act of devotion to the Muses, who have done so much for me. Plus, I’ve been feeling the need to do more creative work lately, probably in reaction to the long hours I spend at work and the almost complete lack of creative outlets in my job. The exercises in this book are really good!

What: The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals, by Michael Pollan.

Why: We have been working hard on becoming much more conscious about our relationship with food in the last few years, and this book just looked interesting – and less screed-like than Fast Food Nation.


2 thoughts on “What’cha readin’?

  1. kay

    What I’m reading is usually in everybody’s face on my blog sidebar, but here goes:

    Forrest of Souls – Rachel Pollack

    Why – I love Tarot and I’m a fan of Pollack. Simple heh?

    Pascal’s Fire – Keith Ward

    Why – I read everything Keith Ward writes and I’m never disappointed. This particular book is about theistic evolution and quantum theory and the reasons that science and spirituality do not have to be enemies.

    Velvet Elvis – Rob Bell

    I’m listening to the book on CD in the car. This is my second time through. While I don’t agree with everything Bell says, his view of Christianity is refreshing. And he cracks me up.

  2. executivepagan Post author

    I really like Rachel Pollack. I have Forest of Souls, and need to get 78 Degrees of Wisdom. I hadn’t heard of Keith Ward before, but that book sounds interesting!

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