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Slightly dated scholarly work on neopaganism available online

Posted by Erik on March 30, 2007

OBOD’s Mt. Haemus lectures. Each year OBOD grants an award for original research. Papers by Ronald Hutton, John Michael Greer, and others.

Gus DiZerega – “Nature Religion and the Modern World: The Returning Relevance of Pagan Spirituality“. By the author of Pagans and Christians: the Personal Spiritual Experience.

Brandy Williams – “On Pagan Speakers: the State of Pagan Scholarship“. 10 years old, but not completely dated.

Diskus – the On-Disk Journal of International Religious Studies. Six issues spanning the years 1993-2000.

And some possible source material for your own research, courtesy of “Mike” of the RDNA (Reformed Druids of North America) : the Druid Archives and the Reformed Druid Anthology. There’s a metric ton of great non-academic material on the site as well.


4 Responses to “Slightly dated scholarly work on neopaganism available online”

  1. kay said

    Waring, the follwoing is off topic:

    This is a much better look! You should check out the Andreas09 template. I think you’d like it.

  2. kay said

    Wow, bad spelling. Not enough coffee yet. Damn typos!

  3. Mam Adar said

    Hi, I’m a friend of Nettle’s and member of AODA; I just discovered your blog through comments on Nettle’s. I also have a WordPress blog and a Vox (mamadar.vox.com).

  4. executivepagan said

    I actually liked the old look on Blogger, but the old-fashioned/”executive” theme here didn’t do it for me. Maybe I’ll create my own one of these days… Andreas09 doesn’t look too bad.

    Mam Adar,

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