Columns about Hellenism *and* Druidry!

I know everybody (including Jason and Chas) has already posted about this, but the coincidence(?) of two series of columns about Hellenism and Druidry appearing back-to-back in The New Statesman just boggles my mind!

Damh the Bard (author of the Druidry series) is a good musician as well as being apparently a decent writer; his CDs are a little pricey to order from the US ($25), but IMO worth it. Nikolaos Markoulakis (author of two of the Hellenism entries) is the publisher of the recently debuted Journal of Hellenic Religion as well as Sparta. (The last time I checked you could read the abstracts of the JHR’s contents online, but I don’t see them as I write this.)

Modern Druidry, as it now stands, is over 300 years old, and with its emphasis of ecology, environmentalism, the arts, and folklore, it is needed now more than at any time in the Earth’s history. – Damh

An ancient Athenian was once asked where his altars of Zeus, Herkios and Agathos Daemon were located. His answer was to give the address of his home, adding that: “…. and I am worshiping there as my ancestors have before me”. – James Head


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