Book pile

A blogging e-list I’m on has spawned this meme for its members – show us a picture of the books you’re currently reading. My little stack is kind of sad next to some I’ve seen, mainly because I don’t tend to read a whole bunch of books at the same time (and it’s also a little unusual at the moment in that there’s actually fiction in it)… so to present a fuller picture of what I’m reading, I have also included the magazines that I am either currently reading or just finished. (Normally The Pomegranate would be in the pile at this season, but I was late renewing my subscription and so the May issue hasn’t arrived yet.)

dscf1206.jpg dscf1208.jpg

The Books

The Ode Less Travelled: unlocking the poet within is a very entertaining basic primer on basic poetry knowledge and technique, with great exercises.

American Gods, of course, is Neil Gaiman‘s breakthrough novel (after the breakthrough graphic novels and breakthrough short fiction :) . And yes, this is my first time reading it. [hangs head in shame]

Age of Bronze is a stunning graphic-novelization of the Trojan War – all of it, not just the bits covered by Homer.

The magazines

Oak Leaves is the internal newsletter of ADF.

Moment is an independent (non-denominational) Jewish magazine.

Aramco World is a free glossy publication put out by the oil company Saudi Aramco. Perhaps surprisingly, it is always interesting – it consists of well-researched articles on all aspects of Arab and Islamic history and culture.

UUWorld is the official magazine of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Tricycle is one of the better-circulating Buddhist magazines; the quality is sometimes uneven, but it usually contains at least something of interest. The issue in the picture, Fall 2006, was exceptionally good.


2 thoughts on “Book pile

  1. executivepagan Post author

    It’s so hard to decide… but I have to admit a strong preference for The Wolves in the Walls :)

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