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Strange web searches

Posted by Erik on June 1, 2007

I usually enjoy reading the page where WordPress tells me what search terms were used when people found me, but I’m noticing a disturbing mini-trend – in the past two days, I’ve been found via “pagan cat sacrifice” and “pagan goat sacrifice”. If this keeps up I’m going to get concerned…


5 Responses to “Strange web searches”

  1. Ali said

    Wow. I’m not sure if that’s better or worse than the fact that, almost everyday, at least one person ends up on my site while looking for websites about Quenya and Sindarin, Tolkien’s invented Elvish languages. See, you write one slightly nerdy I-love-Tolkien post, and you’re marked for life. ;)

  2. executivepagan said

    you write one slightly nerdy I-love-Tolkien post, and you’re marked for life

    Heh. Sounds like an old joke…

  3. nettle said

    I wrote about the (supposed) tomb of Philip of Macedon and I get all these hits from people who think Vergina means something different than it does.
    My favorite is “Why does my vergina look different” I don’t know, hon, but my epidaurus hasn’t been feeling right all week.

    It’s my top favorite wordpress feature.

  4. executivepagan said


    Thanks, I needed that…

  5. Kullervo said

    nettle, that’s hilarious. I get weird searches, too, mostly about Yeats, which shouldn;t be too surprising, I guess. Yesterday I got hit with a “haitian medicine with leeches” search. ???

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