A couple of Hellenic resources

(OK, technically three Hellenic resources… picky, picky)

The Foundation of the Hellenic World – education/information site with some good sub-projects, including a Hellenic history timeline

Tropaion – Hellenic news and information blog with a polytheist perspective

And, finally, a fascinating set of books:

Miller, Walter. Daedalus and Thespis: the contribution of the ancient dramatic poets to our knowledge of the arts and crafts of Greece. Published in three volumes by the University of Missouri in 1929-32, and reprinted in 1970. (The first two volumes are fairly readily available on Alibris; I got the only copy of volume 3 that I saw at the time.)

This is a remarkable work – the author was attempting to catalog every passage in classical drama, in both Greek and Latin, that shed any sort of light on ancient arts and crafts. It’s more than just a catalog, though – Miller quotes the passage cited (Greek is reprinted and translated, Latin is reprinted only), and also provides commentary. There are even illustrations.

Vol. 1 – Architecture and Topography; Vol. 2 – Sculpture, Vol. 3 – Painting and the Allied Arts (follow the link on Vol. 1 to see the free Questia.com entry, including the ToC and some sample pages).


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