Fun idea for offerings

I freely admit this falls under the category of “Hellenic kitsch”…

As many of us probably do, I keep a bottle of Greek olive oil for offerings (and want to pick up a bottle of good Greek wine – any recommendations?)… a while back at Trader Joe’s I came across Greek Gods brand Greek-style yogurt. It was great! Greek-style yogurt is different from the standard name-brand yogurt you get in the US – creamier, a little more tart, and overall I just liked it better. Plus, with a name like “Greek Gods” – and a pretty cool website, including a “family tree” of the Theoi! – how can you go wrong?

(For those without a Trader Joe’s in the area, I have also found the yogurt at EarthFare. My current favorite is the “Hermes”, which is just honey-sweetened. I really want to try the pomegranate, but they don’t seem to have it around here; there is also a fig flavor, in addition to regular plain and nonfat plain.)


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