What I’m doing with this blog, and why, and whether it has run its course. It may be a few days before I post anything further.


4 thoughts on “Pondering…

  1. kay

    LOL. I did the exact same thing a week ago and I’m sorta doing it again. Actually, I’m thinking that I wish I’d kept it private from my workmates so that I could post whatever I want without fear of repercussion.

  2. Quaker Pagan Reflections

    No, no, noooo! You aren’t really thinking of ending the blog, are you?

    I know that your entries have not been as long or as frequent of late, but that’s all right–I really believe in the power of evolution. I mean, thinking through what changes make sense makes sense to me, but, FWIW, I’m hoping you won’t need to pursue extinction.

    If you do wind up shutting down this blog, but starting another one, let me know, OK? I might not be fascinated by a version of the phone book written by you, but most other writing projects you would take on would be sure to hold my interest!

  3. executivepagan Post author

    Mostly, I’m wondering whether it’s not just one more excuse to keep living in my head rather than bringing my religion down into my hands, as I put it to Hrafnkell… I’m still thinking about that. It may be that I decide it can still be a useful tool, but I also sort of feel that I’ve fulfilled my objective, as stated in my very first post.

    I might not be fascinated by a version of the phone book written by you


    I promise that if I shift gears I’ll let you know where I wind up.

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