Yes, I’m alive…

Sorry, I was on a business trip and was not able to get it together. Sincere apologies to all the people who checked in on Tuesday expecting a post; I will try to get back on track this next week.

We were in San Francisco, and I did note a couple of interesting things that I wanted to share… our first hotel (we flew out early and had to switch hotels mid-week) was in the Japantown section, across the street from the Peace Center and the Japan Center mall (excellent food, I particularly recommend the beef curry at Mifune). Nothing extraordinary there, except that in the nightstand along with the usual Gideon bible we had a copy of The Teaching of Buddha, put there by the Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai, or “Buddhist Promoting Foundation”. Very cool. (In the company hotel in the financial district, the nightstand contained neither bible not Buddha – just the San Francisco Food Lover’s Guide. I was amused.)

I was also interested to notice that there was only one UU church listed in the phone book – only one, in a city the size and liberality of San Francisco. Then I noticed a listing for an Episcopal church that had a yin-yang symbol with roots and branches as its logo, rather than a cross, and it occurred to me that in a place like this maybe there isn’t really a lot of need for a church whose only purpose is to be liberal… maybe the only places UU is really needed are areas like the one I live in, where the local paper still prints a daily bible verse and cultural diversity means Baptist, Methodist *and* Lutheran churches in the same town.



2 thoughts on “Yes, I’m alive…

  1. Mariah/Caelesti

    Hi there. I know this is an older post, but I’ve recently gotten into UUism myself, so I thought I’d comment. That’s an interesting point you make. I live in the Twin Cities, a very liberal area where there around 10 or so UU churches & fellowships, many of which are quite large and active. This in spite of their being plenty of liberal churches & synagogues of other denominations. Maybe not San Francisco, but perhaps the S.F. of the Upper Midwest!

  2. Erik

    Hm – interesting. My theory may not be correct – perhaps it’s more to do with UU being more prevalent in the eastern half of the country, or something… who can say. Or maybe different cultural and historical forces have shaped the development of the two regions. Whatever the case, I’m glad UU is thriving up there in public radio “ground zero”! :)

    Thanks for reading!

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