Poseidon and messages from the Gods

I think I recently got a message from Poseidon. Every year we go the beach for vacation with my family, and while we’re there we make an offering to Poseidon. The first year we did this, the offering was answered with a lightning flash at the horizon, the only one for at least ten minutes either side. Fast forward to two weeks ago, when we were at the beach again; I was swimming in the ocean, and suddenly had an intense feeling of being in a Presence, and that the Presence wanted something from me. I tentatively identified it as Poseidon, and was gently lifted by a large swell, accompanied by a definite sense of welcoming. I asked if this meant that my worship would be welcomed, and was lifted again. “Was *that* what the lightning was about that first time?!”, I asked – and was promptly smacked in the back of the head by a large wave. :)

So, now I have begun to study and learn about Poseidon. I would welcome insight from anyone who has a relationship with Him, as to what I might expect (I’m pretty sure it’s going to involve unexpected changes, but other than that my knowledge of Him is still pretty basic).

The ancient literature is full of stories and admonitions about staying alert for subtle messages from the Gods – seeing omens in the flight of birds, the sort of thing that could be easily missed if you’re not alive to it. I never really “got” this, until I entered into a relationship with Them… then it started happening, and I suddenly understood.

For instance, in addition to these experiences with Poseidon, there was the time last year that we forgot to make an offering to Hermes before starting on a road trip. Every inconvenient little thing was going wrong, but it wasn’t until we stopped and I dropped an apple that rolled – uphill – to stop under the exact center of the car, that I figured it out. One roadside libation (with appropriate apologies) later, and suddenly things were much smoother… I love that He has a sense of humor!

If you feel, as I used to, that the Gods may be around but They’re not talking to you, try dropping your expectations about what that communication might look like, and listen with your heart. For every moment of pure awe and wonder, there may be dozens of little “aha!” moments happening around you all the time.

May They bless you as They have blessed us.


6 thoughts on “Poseidon and messages from the Gods

  1. Cat Chapin-Bishop

    Hermes is particularly fun to make offerings to–since adding to a cairn by a traveler is his preferred mode of worship, and cairns are easy and fun. Even those of us who live in urban areas can construct miniature cairns, either indoors or outdoors, with pebbles and small stones. And creating a garden cairn, with rocks and stones brought back from all the beloved places you travel to, can create a sense of place even within our modern transient lives. (My garden contains rocks from the land around my Quaker meeting, from the house where I grew up, from my parents’ home in Maine, and from the beach where my husband grew up, among other sacred-to-us locations.)

    If need be, a cairn can be a pile of rocks in a terrarium or on a windowsill. The important thing is both the offering to Hermes involved, and–to my mind, perhaps even more–the invitation to the spirits of land to be in relationship with us.

  2. executivepagan Post author

    Oh, I hadn’t considered doing the cairn quite *that* way… but I like it! I reminds me of the huge carboy of water that our UU church has for the ingathering “water service” in the fall.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Patrick Harvey

    Hermes is an interesting one to leave offerings for, considering his association as trickster master of thieves. It might be better not to start at all with him at all — it’s a bit too near to a divine protection racket: “Nice trip you’re having here — you wouldn’t want anything INTERESTING to happen, now would you???”

    I generally give something to Them after the fact, in thanks. In general, how much worship is done from love, and how much is compelled by fear? (“That’s why we call them The Good Folk…”) I know which kind I prefer.

  4. executivepagan Post author

    Hello, my friend! Hope you had a safe trip home…

    >”Nice trip you’re having”

    LOL! It’s not like that at all, actually… more like teasing. I don’t know if I would use the term “love”, but I certainly come to them from a place of respect and appreciation, not fear. As to why we offer to Hermes in particular – he is the patron of travelers, always has been; I also think of him as the patron of I.T., as I mentioned in an earlier post, and so we actually have a relationship in two different areas.

    Yes, he is associated with the things you mention – and I can’t argue that his sense of humor is occasionally a bit… interesting. But he is also very concerned for the less-than-fortunate (one of his favorite offerings, according to my experience and the reports of people who have more intimate relationships with him, involves leaving loose change on street corners), and in his role as the Psychopompos will definitely be with us on our final journey.

  5. Faolen_Marrok

    Mayhap you’ve learned a thing or two about Poseidon you voukd pass along…i am desicated to the Morriga. Atm…and just recently i met Dagda for the first time… im still in the process of figuring hin out… but i do feek a connection to Poseidon/Neptune…any info you would be willing to pass along that you’ve found interesting working with him woukd be appreciated…


  6. Erik Post author

    Hi Faolen_Marrok! It’s literally been a couple of years since I even looked at this blog… considering that you just left the first comment *in* years, I’m thinking it’s probably not a coincidence that I happened to be looking something up today…

    First off, I firmly believe people should listen to the Gods that call them – but it does occur to me to wonder, since your existing relationships are in the Irish Celtic realm, whether you’ve considered your call might be coming from Manannán? Just a thought.

    Regarding Poseidon, IMO the best place to start (reading, at least) is His entry at Theoi.com, this is a good general intro and has a TON of resources for further exploration.

    In a more personal vein – My experience with him is still limited, but what I believe I know so far is that he is as passionately identified with his watery realm as one would expect. Care of the oceans and their denizens are very important to him, and the sea is the absolute best place to introduce yourself. I live a few hours from the Atlantic shore, and I waited until I could make the trip to actually approach him in a meaningful way. That said, if it’s not possible, figuring out the direction of the closest ocean and orienting yourself that way might be an acceptable alternative.

    He has working relationships with many of the other Theoi, of course, but he is also (again, in my experience) jealous of his honor and can be prickly if he thinks he’s been slighted. On the other side of that coin, he doesn’t receive as much attention in modern times as his brothers or some of the more popular goddesses, and if your interests align he can be a powerful patron.

    Good luck on your search, and may Poseidon and all your Gods protect you.

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