Poems for the season

(Note: First, I apologize for being late again; work got in the way yesterday. Second, no I’m not really in that kind of mood – these are older poems that just kind of feel right for today.

Ladies – these are both experiments in working with the female voice… I’m interested to know how you think they worked!)

Beauty’s Lament

Tonight I miss your terrible, clawed hunger,
hot breath, warm fur on vulnerable skin…
I wonder, did they believe us to be chaste –
The sisters who wailed and wept to see me go,
The father who allowed my sacrifice?
Could they imagine how you pressed your suit,
Or how at last I, willingly by force,
Gave to your entreaties my rough consent
Out on the moonlit grass?
How beast without was met by beast within?
That awful, blessed longing that you taught
That must be sated now with memories…
For as in transformation much was gained,
So too was much inevitably lost; I know
That when I feel the blood-red passion rise,
It must forever feed on lesser meat.
I love my prince – but Oh!
I miss my Beast.

Communion (a fragment)

Kneeling on the altar
Waiting for a sign,
A thousand generations
Gathered in the shadows
To witness our communion.
This body and this blood
I give to thee –
Take it in remembrance
Of all who knelt before.
Fold thy wings about me,
Make my flesh the altar
For this virgin sacrifice.

PS – I just came across a great philosophy resource – a large online collection of philosophy texts in English translation, courtesy of one Dave McKay. Check it out!


2 thoughts on “Poems for the season

  1. wiccazoidcat

    Oh! My!

    These are truly lovely! Female voice? I find I don’t even care about your experiment with the female voice–I’m too busy having my breath taken away!

    Sorry–I’m sure a more literary response, focusing on specific word choices and a line-by-line analysis would be more satisfying. Unfortunately, these poems are poems I feel like savoring in ways having little to do with intellect and analysis. They’re just… lovely.

    *Cat makes the happy face*

    As for female voice, to my mind, the most successful experiment with female voice on the part of a male author _ever_ is Allan Gurganus’s _Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All_. I kept re-checking the bio to make _sure_ it was really written by a man–it was hard to believe. (It’s also one of my favorite books of all time, and I enthusiastically recommend it to anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure yet!)

  2. executivepagan Post author

    Hi Cat,

    savoring in ways having little to do with intellect and analysis

    Thanks for the extremely kind words!

    You know, I’ve never read the Gurganus; I’ll have to put it on the list. Of course, I haven’t read Tom Robbins either, which apparently is a mortal sin…

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