Cool, yet frustrating, shopping experience

So, I was in our local Christmas shop(pe), looking for – but not expecting to find, as indeed I did not – a julbock for the tree… and I came across this amazing, highly shamanic Santa figure. (That’s the cool part.) The frustrating part is that, wanting to share this with you, dear readers, I sought in vain for a picture on the Net; although both the store and the maker have websites, this particular Santa isn’t on them. :(

Fortunately, I had my trusty cameraphone, and so you get to share in all this shaman-y goodness after all (click to see full size) :



3 thoughts on “Cool, yet frustrating, shopping experience

  1. kay

    We have a cool holiday store here in Utah – they might be everywhere, I don’t know – called Modern Display. A couple of years ago my husband and I stopped by to see what they had.

    The store decorates dozens of tree that you can then buy as is. One of the trees was a faery-land tree that I wish I had had the money to buy.

    It was a pagan’s / nature lover’s dream.

    It had elves and gnomes and faeries and mushrooms. It had sprigs of willow and holly. It had a druidic Santa figure like the one you describe (about 4 feet tall). But best of all, smack dab in the middle of the tree (I’m surprised it didn’t fall over) was the most amazing Green Man face I have ever seen.

    The tree (artificial) and the statues and all the decorations and more lights than you could count was about $800.00.

  2. executivepagan Post author

    Mmmmmm – I’d love to have seen that one!

    Our tree is pretty evenly divided between toy-themed ornaments (Victorian-style), solar-themed ornaments (lots of suns-moons-stars), and family pieces. One of the highlights of the season for us is trimming the tree, and talking with our daughter about the family items and sharing our own Christmas memories.

    Speaking of cool ornaments – do you know about “shrinky dinks”? It’s basically a sheet of special plastic that you can draw or paint on, then cut out the drawing and bake it; the plastic contracts and thickens, and after a few minutes you have a more or less indestructible ornament (if you want to hang it be sure to punch the hole *before* baking!). Anyway, I just recently discovered that they now make a version for ink-jet printers! Endless possibilities for creating your own ultimately cool ornaments…

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