Happy day!

Today I passed my first ranking test in Aikido! (I’m now 5th kyu, which means I know just slightly more than nothing… :) )

I realize it’s nothing much in the grand scheme of things, but it’s a huge deal for me and my ongoing quest to transform my relationship to my body.


5 thoughts on “Happy day!

  1. James

    Aikido doesn’t have many external measures that things are getting better – besides counting the number of hours/months/years that you’ve been training.

    So congratulations on the grading – and be sure that once in a while a technique will work better than you expected :)

  2. executivepagan Post author

    Thanks! Where do you practice?

    once in a while a technique will work better than you expected

    Once in a *great* while… :)

    Sensei said that he could feel my ki several times during the test, and that I should feel good about that (although I’m still having a hard time feeling the connection with my partner, most of the time); and I felt that my ryotedori tenchinage was very solid and connected, so I *did* feel good about that.

    My biggest problem right now is in my ukemi; I’m in the middle of transitioning from the “OK for a beginner” stage to “time to get serious” stage, and it’s killing me. I make progress on one side of my body, such as getting over in mai kaiten without my leading knee touching the ground, and the other side just falls apart. It’s very irritating… :/

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