Poem – “Always a Lady”

[Note: The “gray man” seems to be a part of my subconscious mythology – it’s how I’ve always anthropomorphized death, specifically natural death. This poem is from 1990.]

Always a Lady

I. Fortune’s Lady
Fortune’s wheel turns
And the morning sun burns in my eyes
As I rise to the day;
I pause in the hall –
Portraits still on the wall,
The last breath of my glorious May
When I walked in the sun
With a gentleman, one of the many
Who came to my call…
Gently bred and restrained,
To the gavotte refrain we would dance,
And the dancing was all.

II. The Gray Man
Cruel despoiler of youth,
Come to ransom the truth for silver
And vain wealth of regret;
Though you take what you must,
Turn my passion to dust,
There’s a dance in the old lady yet.
In my heart I still turn
To the steps I have learned,
And my card is filled to the last line –
Still, I know in my soul
That the dance takes its toll,
And the last promenade will be thine.
But until then, I pray,
As the strain fades away in the silence
Of the emptying hall;
Let me take my last bow,
Stand forever as now,
The great lady,
The belle of the ball.


2 thoughts on “Poem – “Always a Lady”

  1. executivepagan Post author

    Hm – that’s an interesting association. Did you know that song is actually about Leonard Cohen?

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