Your assistance is requested

Last week I mentioned that I’m working on a project for Neos Alexandria; now that it’s in a shape to be publicly seen, I’d like to ask for your kind assistance.

The project is the compilation of a list of devotional music for the Greco-Egyptian gods. The beta version of the page is here:

As you can see from that page, I am looking for music about or referring to the Gods of the Greeks, Romans and/or Egyptians.

Under those broad headings, there are two sections:

* Music that specifically mentions the gods or deals with mythological themes, that might be considered “devotional” or that could be employed as such
* Music that evokes their spirit or simply reminds us of them (for instance, Crosby Stills & Nash’s song “Our House” makes me think of Hestia :) ) – this is what I’m calling the “mix tape” section.

What I’m asking of you, if you’re interested in helping, is to go look at the page and see what you know of that’s missing. I know there is a lot of classical and operatic material that is not on the page yet because I haven’t had time to dig it up (“Aida”, for instance, should be there), and I’m sure there’s some metal that’s not there because I don’t really know the metal scene… but anything and everything is potentially useful; I am trying to make this as comprehensive a resource as possible.

You can either leave a comment on this post with your suggestions, or you can reach me via the contact page link on the right of the screen.



4 thoughts on “Your assistance is requested

  1. momlyn

    Check out the many fine tunes by th eladies of Moving Breath. Most of theier songs would be aplicable to this. (Plus, they rock! – in a goddess-y kind of way.)

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