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teach your children well…

Posted by Erik on February 3, 2008

Fluffy blogging today!

So, I’ve been having fun assembling a Playmobil shrine with my 7-year-old… it’s still a work in progress. We have eight Hellenic deities represented so far, in some manner; most should be pretty obvious (7-year-olds not being big on subtlety :) ).

Anyone with deep Playmobil knowledge is welcome to give me suggestions for other Gods we haven’t represented yet (within reason – for instance, I can’t afford/justify buying the huge Roman Colosseum set just to get the statues and lightning bolts for Zeus… it was bad enough buying the Royal Throne set, but I had to have the owl throne, and it also came with the panther, so at least it was for two of Them.)

Playmobil shrine

(click to see larger view)


13 Responses to “teach your children well…”

  1. Kullervo said

    That’s awesome, though the only obvious ones are the human-looking ones.

  2. nettle said

    “Awesome” is exactly the word I would use. Especially the owl throne – the owl throne is made entirely of awesome. If I saw that in a store I would have to buy it, and I don’t even have kids.

  3. executivepagan said

    Well, the kit # for the throne is 4256… :) I’m loving this thing – it’s fun AND educational.

    From left to right:
    Hera (peacock)
    Artemis (deer)
    Hephaistos (anvil)
    Hestia (hearthfire)
    Dionysos (panther)

    The pillar is just a cool decoration. :)

  4. Kullervo said

    Ah; I wouldn;t have gotten the animals (except for maybe Artemis, if I had thought about it). The anvil and tools look like Hephasteus stepped out for some ambrosia, but he’ll be right back.

  5. executivepagan said


    Working within the limitations of my medium means some of these have to be fairly aniconic, but they are all symbols that are sacred to or associated with the Gods.

  6. Inanna said

    This is so cool!

    I agree that it looks like Hephasteus stepped out for a nip pf ambrosia, or perhaps a roll with Aphrodite. ;)

    I love Hera as the peacock.

  7. executivepagan said

    It’s certainly possible… although I don’t think I’ll point that out to my 7-year-old :)

    I’m not sure *what* to do for Aphrodite… doves are sacred to her and we have some Playmobil pigeons (they’re related), so that might have to do… it’s a difficult process, sometimes.

  8. Kullervo said

    In German, “dove” and “pigeon” are the same word, “Taub,” so the distinction is actually lost. Kind of interesting.

  9. kay said

    I want to come play!

  10. Zoe said

    I’m not sure *what* to do for Aphrodite… doves are sacred to her and we have some Playmobil pigeons (they’re related), so that might have to do… it’s a difficult process, sometimes.

    According to the first book on birds I edited, the pigeon that we know and love here is more properly titled the “Rock Dove”.

    So more than just being related … they’re sort of the same.

    (Correction: I just looked it up. Apparently the Rock Dove has been retitled, at least in the US and the UK, to “Rock Pigeon”. Anyway, it’s as near as makes no difference.)

  11. executivepagan said

    That’s probably what I’ll do, then. I can also see if we have a rose…

  12. Feral Boy said

    executivepagan wrote:

    > I’m not sure *what* to do for Aphrodite …

    Hermes might be a bit difficult also … esp. for a 7-year-old! ;)

    –Feral Boy

  13. executivepagan said

    I could always use a cow…

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