Classics and comics

Heh – I think I beat Chas to an academic subject for once!

Karen Green at Comixology has posted about her recent experiences at the APA and ALA conferences – where one of the hot topics was comics. At the APA, panelists talked about using Neil Gaiman‘s Sandman to read Ovid, and how Scott McCloud‘s visual theory can help to interpret red-figure vases; as well as Eric Shanower’s Age of Bronze series and Wonder Woman: Hiketeia.

At the APA, I discovered that one of the things people are working on is comics. There was an entire panel devoted to comics, and the response to the organizers’ call for papers was so overwhelming that they’re planning a book.

Definitely a book to watch for.

And on a side note, I’ve been reading the Marvel 8-issue Iliad miniseries (#2 currently on the racks), and I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised.

[Side note #2: check out SPQR Blues – a webcomic “soap opera” set in ancient Rome.]


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