Nevermind… (was “AAR – call for papers”)

Sorry… Chas informs me that this is outdated information.

Via Chas Clifton:

The American Academy of Religion has issued a call for papers for the Contemporary Pagan Studies Group at their 2008 annual meeting:

Traditional models see the historical movement from polytheism to monotheism as progress, as a natural, linear evolution. Today, however, we find groups looking to their cultural heritages to recapture ancient polytheistic traditions, to reconstruct these to fit modern circumstances, and to create or discover new polytheistic spiritualities that address contemporary life. Thus Pagan Studies opens dialogue with Eastern and Afro-Latin diaspora traditions. We invite papers that explore the issue of the Polytheistic Challenge. In addition, we encourage both papers and alternate forms of presentation exploring Halloween/Samhain/Day of the Dead (e.g., ancestors, fear of death, popular culture’s cooption of Pagan practices, etc.). We also welcome papers on other themes dealing with contemporary pagan studies.


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