American civic literacy quiz

Interesting quiz, and fairly tough – this is is the one that has been talked about in the news recently as reflecting a general decline in Americans’ civic literacy. I think it’s a pretty good touchstone, although a certain amount of bias is evident in some of the economics questions (that doesn’t necessarily mean I *disagree* with their bias, just noting that it is present).

I scored 80% – how did you do?


11 thoughts on “American civic literacy quiz

  1. executivepagan Post author

    Well done!

    smarter than a Harvard senior
    We took some comfort in that as well… :)

  2. Cat Chapin-Bishop

    93%. I’m ticked off at myself. I got the Monroe doctrine question wrong through sheer carelessness.

    The economics questions were hard–I’ve never studied it, except for listening to “Marketplace” on public radio while I shower.

  3. executivepagan Post author

    Damn, girl! And I thought I was doing pretty well… I’m useless at economic theory, though.

  4. David Miley

    You answered 52 out of 60 correctly — 86.67 %
    Average score for this quiz during May: 64.7%
    Average score since September 18, 2007: 64.7%

    I had to guess about the Monroe Doctrine, because I didn’t see “Diamonds are a girls best friend!”


  5. Feral Boy

    75% — So Indiana University South Bend beats Harvard!

    It’s been awhile since I’ve used any of that kind of knowledge (I’m 50). I know repetition is key to holding on to information, but am still generally pleased that I got a C!

  6. Kestrel1328

    I got a 95% — but then I used to teach this stuff, lol. I agree on the econ questions. I have only had one econ class back in the dark ages so I missed a couple of those. Otherwise, tons of fun :)

  7. executivepagan Post author

    Good enough…

    Is that you, girl? Welcome to my little corner of the weird!

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