“That would be a great name for a band”

Today’s post is interactive!

I’ve been playing this game with myself for years, ever since the first time I saw it in a Dave Barry column… collecting random phrases that I come across, or that just pop into my head, that cry out to be band names. If I could remember every imaginary band name (or, occasionally, imaginary song or album title) I’ve seen or thought of, I could publish a small book (likely with Price Stern Sloan…).

This is today’s model (cue drum roll):

The Damnable Monkeys

What are *your* favorites?


7 thoughts on ““That would be a great name for a band”

  1. Daniel

    I’ve always thought “Various Artists” would make a great band name.

    Their first album could be called “Soundtrack”.

  2. executivepagan Post author

    I think you spend too much time thinking about things that grow in the dark… ;)

    Dog’s Vomit is definitely a failed 70’s Britpunk band – the Spinal Tap of punk.

  3. Deborah Lipp

    Actually, the finest name for a band ever is “Great Name for a Band.”

    You have to say “Ladies and Gentlemen…[band name]” to really get how a name will work. :)

    This is a game my son and I used to play a lot. One of our best was packing the car, and I said “Did you bring a second umbrella?” (so we’d each have one). Second Umbrella is a great name for a band. Complete with logo.

    One of my son’s real great ones was “Um Thingy.” As in “Ladies and Gentlemen…Um, Thingy.”

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