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Nature mysticism at its finest

Posted by Erik on June 20, 2008

It doesn’t matter how many times I watch this, the ending *always* moves me to tears. Happy Summer Solstice!


4 Responses to “Nature mysticism at its finest”

  1. But… but… the stag has his antlers in the winter!

    How will he manage to grow his new rack and be in velvet by June? (I know, I know, it’s just a cartoon. Can I help it if some details really trip me up?)

    Happy solstice, Erik.

  2. executivepagan said


    Yeah, yeah, I know… there’s a lovely Yule card that has the same problem – but it’s still just gorgeous.


  3. Feral Boy said

    I just happened to find this picture not long after seeing the video :


    — Feral Boy

    p.s. Is that the Firebird Suite?

  4. executivepagan said

    Oddly enough, I came across that picture just yesterday, while doing an image search on “water nymph” (trying fruitlessly to find a picture I once saved to my hard drive and then lost the URL for)…

    Yes, that’s Stravinsky.

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