Touch the Earth

Go outside. Now. Touch the Earth. Feel the grass alive under your bare feet, the rough bark and smooth leaves of your favorite tree. Dig your fingers into the soil and smell the flesh of the Mother; splash in living waters. Smash your earphones and listen to the original music of life – wind and water, insect and bird. Watch the play of sunlight and shadow in the forest; taste the wild sweetness of blackberry, apple and pear.

Cleanse the portals of your soul; open all your senses to the world and know – beyond doubt, beyond theology, beyond thought – that it is real, and holy, and here.


6 thoughts on “Touch the Earth

  1. Grian

    Wow, I was just doing this in my own little way a moment ago. I tried to think of some way to type out what I had experienced, but just couldn’t find the words. Well here they are. Lovely.

  2. jan mercuri grossman

    It is years ago now since your post, but are you still out there?
    I deeply appreciate your blog post (Touch the Earth). Presently, I am in an Interfaith Seminary program ( As the Crow Flies at the Tree of Life in Amherst, NH )and was researching the topic of Reverence. Recently, with the broadest sensation of expansion, I reflected with a friend about what I treasured most regarding my children’s Waldorf education. As I listened to myself speak the core of the experience was reverence. Then I wondered what I meant by that, went introspective and decided to do an interfaith worship service on the concept. Reverence is integral to our relationship to all, seen and unseen, in and beyond this world. I intend to quote you, particularly “Cleanse the portals . . .” unless you offer objection. May I? What else might I say about you, or is it suffice to say that it hails from the reverence of the Pagan tradition?
    Keep putting into words that which is difficult to find expression.
    In Peace, Jan

  3. Erik Post author

    Hi, Jan!

    I am still blogging, but not here any longer – if you want, you can read me at “Sightless Among Miracles” ( ).

    Feel free to quote, and I’m honored – if you want to say something about me, you can just say that it comes from a pagan who is committed to reverence for nature and all life.


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