poem – “Maiden and Queen”

The first time she came home
She spent three weeks dressed in black,
Listening to Nick Cave and Unto Ashes;
and spent more time talking to Hekate than to her mother.
Unsure of her new-old role,
Missing her old life in the midst of it,
Missing her new lover and husband…
Trying to integrate her old-new powers of birth and death.

Spring was late that year.

Eventually she folded her sable robes (and corset) away
To wait for the one who would appreciate them,
And put on her velvet green…
But her honey hair stayed dark,
The shadow in the midst of life.

[link to part 2]


2 thoughts on “poem – “Maiden and Queen”

  1. executivepagan Post author

    Thanks for the kind word!

    Maybe, someday, when/if I accumulate enough that are worthy… believe me, what you’re seeing here is just the pick of the litter! (and new stuff) Most of what I’ve written I don’t consider worth publishing.

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