Good morning, sunshine

Lately I’ve been trying to stop right when I walk out the front door in the mornings, just to take a minute and acknowledge the fact that I’m outside in Nature – to actually listen to the owls and frogs, the crickets and the birds, to feel the uncanned air. It’s always a nice way to start the day, but sometimes it’s more.

This morning as I walked past the corner of the house, the sunrise was just finishing: still faintly pink and orange, and the sun half-hidden behind a cloud was casting shafts of light across the sky. The glory of it literally stopped me in my tracks, and for a minute all I could do was stand and worship; singing what I could remember of the beginning of the Hymn to Hyperion from Yannis Markopoulos’ “Liturgy of Orpheus“.


2 thoughts on “Good morning, sunshine

  1. Feral Boy

    That’s a much better choice (given your title) than
    “Glippy Glop Gloopy, Nibby Nob Nooby …” etc. ;)

    — Feral Boy

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