On not having a lot to say

I don’t, really, at the moment… things are kind of quiet in my mind this week. The month of Elul has started, and although I’m not as intimately aware of the Jewish time cycle as I was when I sang in the choir, I still tend to turn somewhat inward at this time, which is probably part of it. I am going to miss Selichot this year, which is a shame… it’s one of my favorite services of the year, along with Simchat Torah and the “closing of the Gates” at the end of Yom Kippur.

I’ve also been more focused on day-to-day stuff lately, and September always seems to come filled with too much stuff to do. Donovan Waite Shihan, one of the foremost Aikido teachers in the US (and around the world), is coming back to give a seminar at our dojo (!), and since I’m the dojo committee this year it’s been taking up more of my processor time than it did last year… and of course the (home)school year has started back in full swing. Admittedly this takes up much more of my wife’s time than mine, but I am involved (and if I may be excused for bragging on them just a little, I’d like to mention that the homeschool group’s booth took second place in judging at the county fair last week!). And as if all that wasn’t enough, I’ve started work on a fairly large tapestry project that will be the centerpiece of our planned new bedroom altar for Zeus and Hera (I’ll post pictures when it’s done, I promise).

On a lighter note, our local Greek Festival was this past weekend – always a good time (spanikopita, pastitsio and souvlaki… mmmmmm). The church choir gave a short liturgical concert in the evening, which was interesting; most of the hymns were, obviously, in Greek, and my wife made the comment that her brain kept trying to make sense of it by turning it into either Latin or Hebrew. :) And… in a week or two, when we make our annual pilgrimage to the ocean, the GOC there will be having their festival, so we get to eat it all again!

And finally, something directly pagan-related – David Miley has written a wonderful meditation on the nature of pagan relationship to Deity, one that definitely has me thinking.


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