I’ve been sick as a dog

Apologies for the long delay in posting; shortly after I posted the previous entry I came down with the cold from hell (at least I think it was a cold; I’d call it flu except for the lack of fever). I’m still coughing a lot, but I can move again… I will put up a substantive post either tomorrow or Friday, and then I will be offline for a week – yay for vacation!

In my absence, the lights will still be on – I am very happy to announce that there will be guest posts by three of my favorite bloggers: Jeff Lilly of Druid Journal, Cat Chapin-Bishop of Quaker Pagan and Sannion (of, well, Sannion :) ) have each agreed to help out with a post next week. No rules, no guidelines, just thoughtful and intelligent blogging goodness. They all have very different styles, and I personally am looking forward to coming home and seeing what magic they have wrought in my absence!


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