To Whom it may concern

(In response to Rachel Barenblat’s poem “Beat (Shoftim))

Break me open.

Belief and longing huddle together
Here in the vessel of my heart,
Hiding in the light
That I can’t seem to let free;
My cracks are papered over
With doubt and knowledge,
And a fearsome act of will.

I’m afraid. If I let my vessel break,
What else will be destroyed in the explosion?
What will become of my precious bystanders?
That I, who would not wound them for the world,
Might hurt them for the sake of heaven…
When I’m not even sure Who
I believe
And why…
I cannot see it.

If you want me,
I’m afraid,
you’re going to have to come for me
And break me open.

*  *  *

And remember – guests posts next week! Y’all be good now…


2 thoughts on “To Whom it may concern

  1. executivepagan Post author

    Thanks… and I hope I’m not, because I’m at work and your eyes would be bored beyond belief… ;) (Nice imagery, by the way.)

    This is one of those poems that I think was just handed to me from somewhere else; it came out in a block and I changed maybe two or three words from rough draft to final.

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