“Lucy, I’m home…”

Well, I’m back in the saddle again, feeling somewhat more rested after a relaxing week at the beach… and the first thing I’ve done is to change the curtains and replace the wallpaper. After 200 posts and over a year and a half with the old theme, I decided it was time to try something new. Hopefully this theme will be a little easier to navigate – the major change to note is that the different pages, that used to be listed in the top right, are now tabbed below the title.

And so, to the first order of business – THANK YOU to Cat and Sannion for the guest posts! Much to think about. My wife, who is doing the bulk of the teaching in our homeschool, kept nodding her head while reading Cat’s post… and I certainly did while reading Sannion’s. I’ve been looking forward all week to seeing what they had wrought in my absence, and it has been good!

Second, I would like to direct your attention to a recent post by Annyikha at KALLISTI on representations of the divine in ancient Greece, and how they work in her own faith. What she said rang very true for me, particularly this:

…the myths provide the foundation for understanding [the] Gods, but should not be construed as an image of the Gods. … the myths serve the Gods, as it were, as their grounding in the real world. … In essence, the myths are a bridge between the Gods and humanity… to make us raise our eyes and look at the ideal Deathless Ones seated before us.

This ties in with something I said about idols a while back – “Their physical beauty tells me more clearly than words of the spiritual beauty that inspired the artist.” All human representations of the Gods are, inevitably, limited; and sometimes they tell us more about their creators than about their subjects. But even that is valuable, because in showing us the creators’ experiences, they add to our ever-evolving understanding of the Gods and how They choose to become with us.

And finally, something to look forward to (I hope)… on Thursday evening I have the opportunity to see a performance of Euripides’ play “The Bacchae”, in (modernized) Greek. I’m very excited about this – it’s the kind of chance that doesn’t come along very often around here. Expect a full report.

4 thoughts on ““Lucy, I’m home…”

  1. Cat Chapin-Bishop

    I love the new look! Very clean and elegant, and it loads in no time flat, too.

    It was a pleasure to sub in for you while you were away. Thanks for the positive feedback, too.


  2. executivepagan Post author

    Thanks – I thought it was nice. The only thing I don’t like is that it doesn’t seem to allow for the “Recent Comments” section on the front page, which is one of the reasons I originally moved from Blogspot to WordPress… but I’ll let it ride for a while and see how much I miss that.

  3. executivepagan Post author

    Thanks! It’s one of my favorite posts – mostly because it drew so many insightful comments. I think it generated one of the best threads I’ve had here.

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