These days

Lately I can’t seem to get this New Model Army lyric out of my head:

Under darkening, thundering, towering skies
We live through these painful days;
Walking like strangers in streets of damnation
Under the enemy’s gaze.
Well, we all create monsters
Come back for their masters…

The song (“Lovesongs”) is not about the current crises, but the lyrics fit. And the bridge lyrics sound to me an awful lot like what the government wants us to think:

Forget all the trouble, forget all the lies,
Forget all the things that I’ve done,
And please believe like I still believe
The best is yet to come…

You can hear a good live rendition of the song here (paired with “Fate”, another appropriate song for the present moment).

PS – on another note, this is the time of Saraswati puja in the Hindu world, a time when students ask the goddess’ blessing on their books and their studies, and workers ask blessing on their tools. May all your endeavors be rewarded with success!


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