Things and things and no more thoughts (commonplace book #17)

A little too abstract, a little too wise,
It is time for us to kiss the earth again,
It is time to let the leaves rain from the skies,
Let the rich life run to the roots again.

I love this verse; it very much reflects how I’m feeling at the moment. Too much head, not enough heart; lately every time I think about writing here I am filled with the urge to go into the woods and hug a tree.

I will go to the lovely Sur Rivers
And dip my arms in them up to the shoulders.
I will find my accounting where the alder leaf quivers
In the ocean wind over the river boulders.

It’s not that I’m out of ideas – I have several proto-posts floating in my head. Another in the Shinto and Hellenism series, part 3 of “Maiden and Queen”, which is finally starting to come through (in a very different form than I expected!), and a long and difficult post on the creative tension between my pagan and Jewish leanings… but nothing is coming together.

I was supposed to write a post about poverty yesterday for Blog Action Day, but I realized that I had nothing original to say about the subject. “Poverty bad. Give to favorite charity. Oog like Heifer Project because it help people help themselves. Need less stuff.” That’s about it.

I will touch things and things and no more thoughts,
That breed like mouthless May-flies darkening the sky,
The insect clouds that blind our passionate hawks
So that they cannot strike, hardly can fly.
– from “Return”, by Robinson Jeffers

I feel… overburdened by my own thought processes, and a little saddened by the realization that I will never be able to put into words all that I think and feel about the things that matter most to me.


9 thoughts on “Things and things and no more thoughts (commonplace book #17)

  1. Pitch313

    Words are just a way, a path, a journey mind takes.
    We can say “There is more. More than I can say.”
    And mean it.
    Feel it.
    Beating in our hearts.
    Rushing with our blood from quark to star. And back.
    Silence is another way, a path, a journey mind takes.

    Hey! Like Jeffers, watch the Hawk!

  2. executivepagan Post author

    Oh, silence is definitely a way. It’s my most comfortable way, in fact (just ask my wife!) – but I came to feel I had walked it too far, without being able to walk it all the way. This blog is at least partly a result of that epiphany… but both words and silence have their limits.

  3. Feral Boy

    Nice to see you all again! I know how you feel, that’s part of the reason that I
    came down to NC. The hardest part was not getting there, but tearing myself away!

    If you can’t find time to get out, page through some of the photos I left you. I tried
    to distill everything around me into the camera. Almost futile, like aiming a firehose
    into a teacup – ! But some of it is there for you.

    — Feral Boy

    p.s. There are some good trails through the woods near the Raptor Center, by Lake Norman.

  4. executivepagan Post author

    Thanks! It was great to see you as well.

    One saving grace for me is that our dojo is a semi-traditional Japanese-style building, with screens all round, so I get to train in the woods at least twice a week… there’s nothing quite like it, especially when it rains.

  5. Cat Chapin-Bishop

    Well, this post spoke to my condition, and I appreciated it!

    By the way, Oog have great taste in charities. Me want Oog maybe write about good ones sometime. (For instance, I seem to remember you writing about a micro-lending group at some point–really an organization that screens micro-lending projects in the third world–and I’d love a reminder about it. Silly me, I didn’t book mark it!)

  6. executivepagan Post author

    I don’t think that was me… I think micro-lending has a lot of potential, but I don’t recall writing about it. Sorry… wish I could be more help.

  7. Cat Chapin-Bishop

    Incidentally, I like your commonplace book idea so much that I’m going to begin using it myself–I’ve got my first post lined up and ready to go this week.

    Thanks for the inspiration, Erik. One way for me to stop losing the extraordinary bits I run across online from time to time is to post that at my own blog!

  8. executivepagan Post author

    I like your commonplace book idea so much

    Sweet! :)

    Regarding micro-credit, the site that I’m most familiar with is, although I’m sure there are others…

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