Myth-related stuff for kids

A fun card game – Greek Myths & Legends, published by Aristoplay (2-4 players, ages 8+). It appears that the game may be out of print, but if you have late-elementary kids who are interested in Greek mythology, it’s a fun way to reinforce it and may be worth looking for in the after-market. The game plays pretty much like Authors, for those who grew up playing that (and for those who didn’t, Authors plays like a cross between gin rummy and Go Fish). The deck is 52 cards, divided into 13 “suits” of 4 cards each; each suit tells a different myth. The objective is to gather all four cards of a particular myth (“Persephone Kidnapped”, “Helen Abducted”, “Zeus Conquers”, and so on), then challenge the player to your left to retell the myth; they can either try it or pass to the player on *their* left. If nobody can retell the story successfully, the player with the cards reads out the story. Play officially ends when one player runs out of cards, but you can also choose to continue until all the suits have been told.

The National Mythology Exam – a nationally recognized exam offered to kids in grades 3-9 (at different levels of complexity, obviously). Different tests are offered in a seven-year rotation so that a child will never see the same test twice, even if they take it every year they are eligible. My daughter is eligible this year for the first time, and we are planning to have her take it.

Greek myth-oriented fiction – there is a bunch of this out there, especially for the junior-high group, but what what I’m focused on today is the (apparently quite popular) Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, by Rick Riordan. I disagree with some of the characterizations of the Gods, of course, but overall the author has done a creditable job of updating Them into a more modern idiom, and the adventures themselves are good fun.

PS – sorry for the long silence… I learned a good blogging lesson – don’t get sick the day your next post is due. :/

PPS – I have added several new Hellenic blogs to that section of the blogroll – check ’em out!


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