off the mat

Well, this is depressing… I apparently sustained some sort of shoulder injury during the aikido seminar last month – not entirely surprising, since the central focus of the seminar was on the many ways to get into sankyo (for those who don’t practice aikido, this is a technique that ends with uke pinned face-down to the mat with their arm twisted behind them perpendicular to the plane of their body). I’ve given and received this hold (and a related hold, nikkyo) many times, but not over and over all day. In typical guy fashion I ignored the (relatively minor) pain for a while, but it kept not getting better, and then the other day I picked up a small pile of books with that arm and it felt like something was separating that shouldn’t… so I finally went to the doctor.

The X-ray revealed a minor degree of osteoarthritis in the shoulder, and I’m scheduled for an MRI next week; for the moment, certainly until she knows the extent of the injury and possibly for some undetermined period after that, I am officially out of training (and right before my next kyu test, naturally). Not sure yet what I’m going to do to keep myself active in the meantime – probably get back on my bike more, as a start, since that doesn’t require much work from the upper body.


5 thoughts on “off the mat

  1. R.D. Hammond

    Reminds me of seminars with Mader-Sensei. Watching the sempais wince their way through his yonkyos for an entire class made me glad I’m still a white belt.

    Get well soon!

  2. executivepagan Post author

    Oh man, I hate yonkyo… my sensei has very strong thumbs! :)

    Thanks for the well wishes.

  3. Feral Boy

    I know how that can be … I stepped into a stump-hole at the trailer about 10 years
    ago & bent my knee WAY too far back. I was thinking, I’m not that old and I’m now
    an invalid ?!? It got better, but is still weak & I need to be aware of it more than
    the other one still. Last year I was putting my harp in the cab of my truck & shoved it in
    with that leg — and the knee bent SIDEWAYS. !@*#*$*!!!! Kneecap was shifted over about
    an inch, and I thought to myself, WELL, it can’t hurt any WORSE … so I pushed it back
    into place. It was not as bad as the first !@#&$&&*!*#!!! and I went back into
    the apartment, put on an elastic brace & played harp that night.

    I try to keep it strong by hiking around the area as much as I can, so it will be
    strong enough to support itself until I eventually do something about it (now that
    we have health insurance!!!).

    Good luck, do what you need to but don’t over do it, and get better soon!

    — Feral Boy

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