A touch of romance

Every once in a while my sense of humor gets the better of the more common kind of sense; this may be one of those times. :)

Inspired by Mark Longmire’s re-imagining of romance novel covers, and also to a degree by book blogger and fellow North Carolinian DocTurtle‘s recent romance title generator (and subsequent punishment), I took a crack at creating my own imaginary romance novels. Some of the titles are not entirely family-friendly (nothing too rough, though), so I shall discreetly shield them behind the cut – enjoy if you dare! (Full disclosure: I have actually read and enjoyed a handful of romance novels over the years.)


7 thoughts on “A touch of romance

  1. Nettle

    The random title generator is fun. Especially since I like romance novels of a certain type, in a guilty kind of way. It would be fun to take a title and NaNoWriMo it. I may do this next November.

    This would make me millions of dollars on the movie version:
    “The Celtic Vampire’s Bashful Princess”

    This one reminds me of Michael Moorcock:
    “The Albanian Sheik’s Unctuous Automaton”

  2. Nettle

    … and I submitted that comment too soon – I allowed myself one last click and got “The Celtic Thane’s Feminist Personal Trainer.” Scathach!

  3. Feral Boy

    “The Strongbadian NASCAR Driver’s Virgin Mistress”

    “The scent of high-test makes me lose ALL of my inhibitions…”

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