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A new adventure

Posted by Erik on January 24, 2009

So, last night I went to the twice-a-month service at the non-denominational synagogue near where I live, and walked out having agreed to sign on as an occasional music leader… :)

I’ve really been feeling the lack of an outlet for performing challenging music, as well as missing formal liturgy – neither of which is abundant at my UU church – so this is a double blessing. My first service is February 23rd, and I have a lot to learn between now and then; a few of the tunes are the same, but a lot of them are unfamiliar. Per ardua ad astra!


3 Responses to “A new adventure”

  1. Ketzirah said

    Wow. You don’t do anything small! I hope you’ll share what songs you’ll be leading!

  2. Pom said

    Mazel tov – sounds like you have a great outlet to express your gift.

  3. executivepagan said

    Thanks guys – I’m sure I’ll update periodically!

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