The daffodils are sprouting!

One of the first signs of spring here… which tells me that I have to buckle down and build up the garden beds this weekend. We did well with container-grown tomatoes last year (we were still harvesting from the indeterminate plant in December!), but this year I want to get serious about squash, herbs and maybe sunflowers as well. We have two VERY happy rosemary bushes in the front, so I’m thinking other Italian weeds herbs will do well in our climate and “soil” (so-called… I could carve out a bowl shape from our yard and fire it in a kiln as it stands, I think).


6 thoughts on “The daffodils are sprouting!

  1. Feral Boy

    We were able to grow papyrus in a damp area in our front yard there. I never tried making a scroll with it, but it’s definitely possible. I’ll bet you & the little one would both get a kick out of that!

    Our fig tree wintered over well also. And basil grows great if you keep harvesting it & removing the flower heads. It will get really bushy after awhile.

    We always considered Imbolc to be the start of spring down there — that’s when you started seeing the Green!

    — Feral Boy

  2. executivepagan Post author

    I remember that fig tree – it was huge! :) I look at Imbolc the same way; the traditional British/northeastern US based associations for the cross-quarters really don’t work out so well this far south. When spring starts at Imbolc and it’s frequently still warm at Samhain, you kind of have to look at where you are and adapt your practice accordingly…

  3. Feral Boy

    > … you kind of have to look at where you are and adapt your practice accordingly…

    Exactly — Australian Circles must be very confusing for visitors!

    “Go out and cut down a Eucalyptus tree for the Yule log — and don’t leave the door open, you’ll let all the A/C out!”

    — Feral Boy

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