Verbivore’s paradise

I think I’m in love… I recently discovered that the BBC news program The World has a suite of podcasts – including one devoted entirely to stories about language! (The World in Words, near the bottom of the page.) I’ve been listening backwards through the archives, and have already discovered so many fascinating things – from the really funny Learn Hindi Through Bollywood Movies podcast (which won’t teach you much Hindi but will make you laugh a lot) to the 37 Languages blog, written by someone who enjoys playing around with languages even more than I do (but seems to have just as much trouble committing :).

I also stumbled across a cool new book the other day – Ammon Shea’s Reading the OED. The author spent a year reading the entire OED (all 20 volumes), and lived to write about it. Good fun, if nothing else just for the lovely and obscure words that pop up in every chapter.


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