Random stuff from my head

§ April is National Poetry Month. Naturally, there’s a NaPoWriMo initiative out there; I’m not participating, but I do hope to have a few new poems for you during the course of the month.

§ The Decemberists continue to rock amazingly – their new release, The Hazards of Love, is a full-fledged concept album that actually works (the second link allows you to listen to the whole album with only a couple of brief interruptions, although you do have to join imeem.com (for free). You can also download the CD booklet from the band site – and I recommend doing so, to better keep track of which character is singing). I love Colin Meloy’s writing so much – whether sweet (occasionally) or completely f*cked up (frequently), he knows how to turn a phrase better than almost anyone else in rock.

My new favorite line:

Isn’t it a lovely night? / And so alive with fireflies providing us their holy light

[edited to add: All of the above is not one whit lessened by the blatant Bon Jovi quote at the beginning of “Margaret in Captivity”… much as my earlier praise for The Crane Wife is not lessened by the remarkably Tull-like passages in “The Landlord’s Daughter”. Caveat auditor.]

§ I think this needs to be the month that I actually try to worship following the Neos Alexandria calendar – a phenomenal piece of syncretic scholarship in and of itself, incidentally. There are too many great holidays this month – starting tonight with the festival of Artemis Leukophryene, as well as the Festival of the Muses, the Dryad Nymphaia, and (of course) Pesakh – not to mention the somewhat obscure but delightfully named Festival of Eating Onions for Bast (who has a small shrine in our home and is duly worshipped by our three cats, I have no doubt).

And not forgetting the Genocide Prevention Ritual, naturally.

§ We just learned today that we have an option to get in on a brand new CSA that is only 5 miles from our house *if* we can commit to selling our current share before Monday. (Our current CSA, which is wonderful, is 23 miles away, and there’s not a convenient pickup point any closer.)

Good thoughts/wishes regarding this would be greatly appreciated – at worst, I think we can still afford to buy a half share in the new farm this year and hope that we can step up to a full share next year, but that’s a few hundred less than ideal. Demeter and Hermes favor us in this, I pray.


6 thoughts on “Random stuff from my head

  1. R.D. Hammond


    There’s a Festival of the Muses this month? Crap, I have to send my editing on this story into overdrive, then. I don’t want to accidentally stiff Thalia.

    Also, while I’m at it: The Festival of Eating Onions for Bast? I find this one strange, since onions are now known to be poisonous to felines.

  2. executivepagan Post author

    Yeah, it’s on the fifth. Hail Thalia, beloved Muse! Fun fact – did you know that the word “antithalian” means “opposed to fun or merriment”? (per the OED)

    As to the onion thing, there are some clues here… http://shemem.livejournal.com/343551.html (I can’t vouch for the accuracy or lack thereof, obviously)

  3. executivepagan Post author

    What are you waiting for? It will suck you right in… I think it’s their strongest album so far.

  4. R.D. Hammond


    I’m actually mildly allergic to yellow/white onions, though. I’ll try to get some green onions and garlic instead. :)

  5. Kullervo

    Mostly it’s just not the kind of music I have been in the mood for lately. And I’ve recently bought a huge number of albums, which means I am going through them relatively slowly.

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