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Today is great

Posted by Erik on April 8, 2009

No particular reason, just being alive is enough today.

I’ve got a smile on my face, and I’ve got four walls around me
I’ve got the sun in the sky, and the water surrounds me…

I’m working on a fairly big post, but in the meantime I challenge anyone to listen to Great Big Sea and not feel happy!


5 Responses to “Today is great”

  1. Feral Boy said

    I’m happy now too!

    — Feral Boy

  2. Feral Boy said

    Link didn’t do anything … let’s try that one again!


  3. executivepagan said


  4. Sia said


  5. Feral Boy said

    Got more of ’em last weekend in Indiana!

    Two forays with M.O.M.S. this weekend

    — Feral Boy

    p.s. If you want brains, you’re talking Gyromitra caroliana:

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