Lookit all the pretty pictures…

I love tarot, and some other divination, decks. I don’t actually read them often, but I love and respond strongly to the art; and I’m working on building a collection (as  I can afford it – if anyone wants to contribute to the Erik’s Tarot Collection fund, let me know! ;) ).

So, in honor of my secret passion, I’ve made a tarot page for the blog. This page is not any sort of educated essay on tarot, just an eye-candy look at some of my favorite decks (this is what I’m doing this week in lieu of actually thinking about stuff… I’ve started two “thoughtful” posts this week, but I feel a bit like Harrison Bergeron‘s father).  A few of the decks I own, but – sadly – many more I do not.

If you actually want to learn about tarot, I recommend starting with these links:


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