Tracing of white
Delicate in still-bare woods
Dogwood in bloom


2 thoughts on “Dogwood

  1. Kullervo

    Dogwoods are the official flower of my hometown. There’s a festival every year when they’re in bloom.

    On another note, your missing syllables make my anal retentive head asplode.

  2. executivepagan Post author

    The Japanese do it too. :) 5-7-5 is the traditional count, but the form is not as rigid (in this one particular!) as, say, the sestina or some of the medieval Welsh forms. Besides, if we really wanted to capture the brevity and punch of haiku as it commonly is in Japanese, we would have to use something more like 3-5-3…

    Trace of white
    Etches bare brown trees
    Dogwood blooms

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