Thank you…

To all the bloggers who inspire me – because you do, constantly. You know who you are (if you don’t, look to the right :)

To all the readers who comment – because without your input this blog would just be me talking to myself, and I do that enough as it is.

To all the folks who come here and don’t comment – because your footprints let me know I’m not alone here, even on quiet days.

To Feral Boy – for being the only personal friend who actually reads this stuff regularly.

Thank you all, and I hope you have a wonderful day!


8 thoughts on “Thank you…

  1. Kisses

    I’m very glad I decided to come out of my somewhat imposed exile and find you and your blog again. Now go rent Fido! :)

  2. Feral Boy

    Erik —

    I am privileged that you share your thoughts with us in this forum. Donna and I didn’t spend that much time with you while we were living in N.C., and everything you write leads me to regret not getting to know you better then.

    — Feral Boy

  3. executivepagan Post author

    You’re very kind. Of course, neither of us is the same person we were 20 years ago… yes, it has been that long! Let’s hear it for the miracle of the Internet that lets us stay in touch with those we care about.

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