Let it flow

One of the most powerful aspects of the Revival Druid tradition for me is the primacy that it gives to artistic creation as a spiritual act. Most religions place value on the results of artistic creation when they “glorify God” or otherwise validate the religion’s teachings according to some external criteria – Druidry is one of the only ones I can think of that valorizes human creative action in, of and for itself alone. The flow of Awen is an incredibly powerful part of my spirituality, and one that I probably should write about more often.

I’m a maker – I make stuff, it’s just one of the things I’ve always done. I work (or have done at least once) in textiles, leather, wood, chainmail, bookbinding, jewelry; I sew, cook, embroider, drum and sing – and, of course, write.

I’ve always known that the act of making brings me closer to the Divine, whether I’m creating a performance or a blog post… and it always feels right when I’m doing it, like I’m orienting myself to the direction I’m supposed to be going. Some of the things I make are better than others, but the process itself is always holy, as far as I’m concerned.

Imagine my joy when I found that there is a religion that agrees with me! A religion that links the human creative impulse with that of Creation itself; a religion that says not that my creativity is a gift bestowed from outside, but that it is a part of me (and of everyone) that connects me to the Awen (or, if you prefer, the Ruach Elohim), and to all of humanity.

Mam Adar said something today that struck a chord with me – I will always carry that [Anglican] sensibility, the idea that Truth is more reliably found in music, poetry, and story than in dogmas, prescriptions, and propositions.

Amen, so be it, blessed be, and shalom.


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