Kitchen Druidry – local food

We’ve taken another big step today towards bringing our consumption into line with our ethical and spiritual goals! We finally sold our share in our current (now former) CSA, the one with a pickup 23 miles away, which will allow us to buy into the new one that is less than 5 miles away, still organic, and where we will be able to actually contribute work as well as money. This allows us to reduce the inputs into our produce even further, as well as deepening our connection to the land and to the source of (some of) our food.

Also, our homeschool group took a field trip today down to the Happy Cow Creamery, a dairy farm about two hours away down in SC that bottles their own raw milk (the milk travels about 40 feet from the cow straight to the bottling operation). We got several gallons of wonderful fresh whole milk (and some of the best chocolate milk ever, made fresh with real chocolate!). You really should follow the link and read up on their operation – they are a model for how eco-conscious, organic and humane dairy farming should work… and their methods also result in dramatically increased yields. And we’ve been there, we have seen for ourselves how the animals live (very well) and how the milk is processed (absolutely minimally, with nothing added or taken away). Plus, it’s cheaper – $4.25/gallon, compared to a best sale price of $4.99/gallon ($5.50-$6 normally) for organic milk in the store.

Anyway, some of us are talking seriously about putting together some sort of co-op to club together on a quarterly buying trip, since it is a pretty long drive, thus once again reducing the inputs as much as possible (it is NOT possible to do this with a more local farm, since direct-to-consumer dairy farm sales are illegal in NC).

And, as we were passing through the upstate, I got to introduce my daughter to the joys of boiled peanuts.

In other news, Kallisti has created a beautiful set of prayer beads for Apollon that you should go look at.


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