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[edited to add another announcement]

**Call for Submissions: Isis and Serapis Devotional**
[X-posted from the Neos Alexandria list; feel free to distribute anywhere you think people would be interested in this project]

Bibliotheca Alexandrina is now accepting submissions for “Waters of
Life”, a devotional anthology dedicated to Isis and Serapis.
Acceptable submissions include

— nonfiction essays
— short stories
— poems and hymns
— rituals
— photography and artwork

All nonfiction submissions should contain endnotes, as needed.

All submissions must be the original work of the author. NO
PLAGIARISM. The author retains all rights to the work/s.

Submissions should address Isis and/or Serapis in their Egyptian,
Hellenistic, Roman and/or modern contexts, as well as related Deities
such as Horus, Thoth, Anubis, Hapi, Apis, and so forth. Examples of
acceptable nonfiction submissions include

— a discussion of the Ptolemaic “origin” story of Serapis;
— the relationship between the many different forms of Serapis eg
Wesir/Osiris, Apis, Hapi, Serapis;
— an analysis of the translation of Egyptian Deities’ names eg Au
Sar, Wesir, et cetera
— a discussion of the Serapeum complex at Thebes;
— an analysis of the famous epiphany of Isis in The Golden Ass;
— the relationship between Isis and other Goddesses in classical
literature, such as Xenophon’s The Ephesian Tale;
— an analysis of the live-action Isis television series and its (re)
imagining of the Egyptian Goddess and her myths;
— a discussion of Isis in modern comic books;
— a modern Isidis Navigium ceremony;
— a discussion of the contemporary Fellowship of Isis;
— and so on.

Submissions will be accepted as .doc and .rtf attachments, or in the
body of the email.

Please send all submissions to isis.serapis (at) gmail (dot) com

Deadline for submissions is 30 June 2009.

* * * * *

First, from the “sorry for the short notice” department… the deadline for Neos Alexandria‘s Naukrateia Artistic Agon is fast approaching:

Neos Alexandria’s Annual Artistic Agon
Each year the members of Neos Alexandria hold a creative contest or Agon to honor the gods and culture of Greco-Roman Egypt. To keep things interesting, the date of this Agon shifts about, coinciding with different festivals on our calendar each time. Last year we celebrated the anniversary of the death of Alexander the Great with the Agon:

This year we will be celebrating the Agon during the Naukrateia.

According to Herodotos the Pharaoh Amasis, who was a great lover of Greek culture, built the city of Naukratis as a home for Hellenic settlers in Egypt. It was specifically designated as an emporion or trading-center, and played an important role in the diffusion of Greek and Egyptian ideas. (It was also famed for its courtesans, who were considered the most beautiful women in all the world, and its artists and flower-growers.) When the Greeks came to Egypt they brought their traditional gods along with them. Temples to Apollon, Hera, Zeus, Aphrodite and the Dioskouroi among others were built in Naukratis, as well as the Hellenion, or common temple of all the Hellenes.

The Naukrateia celebrates the foundation of the city which was the principle center of Greco-Egyptian culture before the creation of Alexandria, and the bringing of the Greek gods to Egyptian soil. It is one of our most important festivals, and that is why we have chosen to have the Agon coincide with it this year.

Here is how the Agon will work:

There will be three categories this year.

Poiesis – including hymns, poetry, free verse, etc.
Logos – including essays, short fiction, and other forms of prose writing.
Mousikê – a catch-all category including artwork, performance pieces, etc.

The theme of this year’s Agon is:

Homecoming and Homesickness

Although pieces honoring the gods of Naukratis would also be acceptable.

Prizes awarded will include:

1st Place – A $25 gift certificate to Powells, Borders,, or a similar company.
2nd Place – A copy of one of our Bibliotheca Alexandrina titles.
3rd Place – A Neos Alexandria bumper sticker or magnet from our shop.

This contest is open to anyone who is interested – you do not have to be a member of Neos Alexandria to participate!

We will begin accepting submissions on the Noumenia of Daisios (04/25/09) and continue through to the Noumenia of Panēmos (05/25/09).

At this point the entries will be posted anonymously to the Neos Alexandria website and the members of Neos Alexandria will begin voting. (The anonymity of the voting is to ensure that this does not become a popularity contest and people vote for the entries they genuinely like the best.) The winners will be announced during the Naukrateia (06/06/09) and all entries will then be reposted with the proper credit restored. Everyone who participates in this will be given a commemorative banner that they can display on their blog, website, or other social networking tool.

If you have any further questions, please send them to the organizer of the Agon at sannion (at) gmail (dot) com.

All entries should also be sent to that address, with “Naukrateia Agon Entry” in the title of the e-mail. Please include the submission as a downloadable attachment in the e-mail.

Thank you for your interest in this – and may the gods of Naukratis and Alexandria be honored!

Please feel free to distribute this announcement to any lists, forums, blogs, or potentially interested parties.

* * * * *

Second – although we’ve received some great contributions for the Hekate devotional, we currently do not have enough for a full book. So we are going to extend the deadline until July 30, 2009.

We can use essays, poetry, accounts of personal experiences, and other forms of devotional writing. Prose pieces, especially longer ones, are particularly welcome. We would like this anthology to reflect the diversity of ways that the goddess has been understood and experienced both in antiquity and in contemporary times, so the more contributions we receive the better!

As with all of our devotional anthologies we cannot provide payment or contributor copies, since the proceeds will be used for charitable donations and to help bring out further volumes in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina line. For more information on our Guidelines and Policies, please visit this page:

If you have any further questions, you may contact the editor at sannion (at) gmail (d0t) com. This is also the address where submissions should be sent.

Please feel free to distribute this announcement to other lists, forums, and curious individuals. The more people who know about this the better chance we’ll have of producing a truly awesome book worthy of Hekate.

* * * * *

[edited to add, per Sannion: Just a word of warning: you may not want to order a copy of Unbound just yet. Problem resolved – ordering is A-OK!]

And finally:

We are officially announcing the release of the 7th Bibliotheca Alexandrina title:

Unbound: A Devotional Anthology for Artemis


For information on how to order the book, click here:

(Currently the book isn’t available through, and they haven’t had a chance to get the cover image up on the Createspace page, but I’m so excited about this project that I wanted to get the word out as soon as possible.)

Unbound is going to be ranked up there as one of the best titles in our catalogue. The passion, creativity, intelligence, and depth of feeling is truly inspiring. A wide range of people, from all segments of the Hellenic and Neopagan communities, have come together to honor this most important of goddesses – and I think you’ll find their words beautiful and profoundly moving. I know that I did!

Here is the list of contributors:

Introduction by Thista Minai
Hymn to Artemis Alexandria by Scott B. Wilson
Artemis by Amanda Sioux Blake
Artemis by Kenn Payne
The Virgin Goddess by Thista Minai
The Fertile Goddess by Thista Minai
Artemis Speaks by Melia Suez
Artemis of the Ephesians by Corbin
Invocations of Artemis by Rebecca Buchanan
My Life with Artemis by Lupa
Artemis and the Modern Man by Bronto Sproximo
Artemis by Thista Minai
A Tale of Two Gods by Frater Eleuthereus
Prayer for Artemis by Melia Suez
Hymn to Artemis of the Poisoned Earth by Rebecca Buchanan
Artemis Alpheia by Scott B. Wilson
Artemis and Lykastos by P. Sufenas Virius Lupus
Prayer to Artemis by Astalon
The Death of Actaeon by Jennifer Lawrence
Healing with Artemis by Amanda Sioux Blake
Touched by Artemis by Barbara Artemis Rachel
Choices by Allyson Szabo
Little Bears by Rebecca Buchanan
The Prayer of Kleia by Sannion
To Bless a Child by Frater Eleuthereus
Artemis, Destroyer by Allyson Szabo
Death and Dance by Thista Minai
Artemis & Orion by Kenn Payne
Hippolytus, Beloved of Artemis by Michael Routery
Artemis and the Cult of Antinous by P. Sufenas Virius Lupus
Finding a Shrine’s Home by Allyson Szabo
To Artemis by Sannion
Analyzing the Role of Artemis the Huntress by Lykeia
Hunting the Snow by Paul Derrick
The Reflecting Pool by Michael Routery
My Experiences with Artemis by Melia Suez
Lady of the Cedar by Jennifer Lawrence
Artemis at Eleusis by Lykeia
Artemis and Dionysos: Antithesis and Synthesis by Thista Minai
Hymn to Artemis by Rev. Lady Bella Sundancer
Invocation to Artemis by E. A. Kaufman
Artemis by Corbin
Hymn to Artemis by Paul Derrick
Memoirs of a Huntress by Kayleigh Ayn Bohémier
Dianae Celticae by P. Sufenas Virius Lupus
Three Arrows by Jennifer Lawrence
Artemis Hêmerêsia by Frater Eleuthereus
Prayer and Devotion to Artemis by Bia’ Aletheia
Artemis by Patrick Corrigan
Gavrel by Rebecca Buchanan
Artemis-Nemesis/Diana-Adrasteia by Frater Eleuthereus
The Savage Breast: Artemis of Ephesus by Tim Ward
Worshiper by Thista Minai

So go out and by a copy today! And remember, your money will be going to bring out future volumes honoring the gods of Greece and Egypt, as well as being given to charitable organizations in the name of the gods. In this small way you will be helping to make the world a better place!


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