New shrine

The 20th was our 14th wedding anniversary (15 years since our handfasting), and so we thought it was an appropriate time to establish a new shrine, to Zeus and Hera and the hieros gamos. It’s a little bare at the moment, just the peacock needlepoint I’ve been working on for forever :), and the oak leaf hanger (the cord is also handmade; the hanger is not. :) You can click on the middle picture to get a better look at the work, if you’re interested.

My next big project is to design a companion piece for Zeus, as well as keeping an eye out for other stuff to add to the shrine.

100_0601 100_0605[1] 100_0607[1]


8 thoughts on “New shrine

  1. Pom

    I can imagine you worked on that peacock forever! It’s so well done and therefore worth the effort.

    Congratulations on your anniversary!

  2. R.D. Hammond

    Holy crap, that is GORGEOUS. Athena would be proud, let alone the king and queen.

    Random chatter: I’m trying to talk my fiancee into adding a handfasting to our wedding, but she’s having none of it. (Though, to be fair, she’s more or less requested a ban on anything secular in the ceremony.) She’s agreed to wear a necklace I consecrated to Hera, so that’s something. Still, it’s a ongoing point of contention.

    Ah, interfaith marriages… ;P

  3. executivepagan Post author


    What denomination is she? We were married in the Episcopal church, and I remember that the order of service includes the binding of hands as at least an option…

  4. R.D. Hammond

    She’s actually agnostic, but her family is … Presbyterian, maybe? Pretty fundamentalist regardless of denomination, though they do know I’m Hellenismos. (BTW, you do not know terror until the bride’s mother specifically requests information on your religion when you ask for her daughter’s hand in marriage. :P )

    The issue really is that she wants religion all of kinds out of the ceremony. I’d be lying if I said I approved, but at least she’s fair to all sides involved. Besides, we have at least a year to negotiate.

  5. executivepagan Post author

    Oh, I see… sorry, when you said she “requested a ban on anything secular” I assumed that meant she wanted a strictly Christian service… that’s a different matter.

  6. M. Ashley

    That needlepoint is absolutely amazing–and I’m sure all the more powerful to your practice as well as meaningful to the King and Queen BECAUSE you spent forever on it. :)

  7. executivepagan Post author

    Thanks… I have to admit the part where I lost all my yarn about a third of the way through and had to color match a completely different brand was… NOT fun. :)

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