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Very disappointed (well, not anymore!)

Posted by Erik on May 26, 2009

My daughter participated in the National Mythology Exam back in February, and according to my checking of her results did well enough to have earned at least a bronze medallion, and possibly a silver (depending on exactly how they calculate the percentages – she answered 28 of 30 questions correctly). After still having not gotten her results as of last week, we contacted ETC and they said they had never received her entry. Apparently the increasingly-expensive and ever-more-inefficient US Postal Service strikes again… and of course, I didn’t think to make a photocopy of her answer sheet. (Sorry, sweetheart.)  :-(  Next year I’ll send it via registered mail; we’re also suggesting that they add an online testing option.

Just goes to show, you ALWAYS have to make a backup – even of hardcopy. I’m very proud of her accomplishment and the work she put into it, and I hope that goes some way towards making up for losing out on the more tangible reward.

[Updated to add – my wife talked to the testing company and asked if, just for our own satisfaction, they could tell us whether our daughter would have placed in medal rank, based on the results we gave them verbally (between us we were able to remember which two questions she missed). They said that yes, they could – and that based on the results we reported she had earned a silver, and that they would send the medallion out via UPS today. So, this is a huge thank-you to the folks at Excellence Through Classics!]


One Response to “Very disappointed (well, not anymore!)”

  1. Pom said

    Good for her!

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