Endangered species

Endangered Species *
(c) 2009 by Amy Minato

Published in Siesta Lane: one cabin, no running water and a year living green

Sometimes I feel a diminishing
as if part of me were being erased
and I wonder what in human nature
will disappear the moment copper
no longer singes the coat
of the grizzly wading old growth
when the pelican never again
trowels the clouds
above the spray and barnacled back
of the blue whale surfacing into sky
like a ferruginous hawk rising
from the sinews of its prey
spiralled amid the crystal quiver
of prairie grass
where a silverspot butterfly
places its final tear of bubbling larva
while the last salmon flashes upstream
jostled by jets of sperm
past the cut-throat trout
sashaying in rock shadow
beyond where the mariposa lily
folds its petals forever
as the lone western pond turtle
drags its humped knees
to the frog-loud, lotus-speckled
oxbow pond that has not yet
been filled for a parking lot
where you will leave your car
hurry to your office sliced by anxiety
that you have lost something,
but you are not sure what.

* All species mentioned are currently threatened.


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